CPAC_CoxSterilizerCPAC Equipment Inc, Leicester, NY, now offers the COX Rapid Heat Model 6000. The FDA-cleared instrument sterilizer can complete sterilization of wrapped instruments in 12 minutes (6 minutes unwrapped) with no drying cycle, according to the company.

This HVHA (high-velocity hot air) sterilization system does not require the use of water, steam, or toxic chemicals. Drying cycles are eliminated in HVHA systems, and with the absence of water, steam, and chemicals, there is no corrosion, pitting, or dulling of instruments.

Independent third-party testing showed that the COX Rapid Heat Sterilizer averages 84% less energy per sterilization cycle than competitive steam sterilizers, and can sterilize in double-decker cassettes over 200 instruments per hour.