Planmeca USA, Roselle, Ill, offers the new Steri-Center 9000X.5 system.

In addition to reducing or eliminating products containingformaldehyde in the materials and processes in which the cabinets aremanufactured, all of the fluorescent lights in the Steri-Center havebeen replaced with LED lighting, which generate less heat and savesenergy.

Steri-Center 9000X.5 features foot- and knee-activated "hands-free"mechanisms to help reduce contact with potentially contaminatedinstruments. The contaminated instrument storage areas have also beenfitted with red lights, while the sterile instrument storage area fittedwith blue lights to indicate the location of the sterile side.

The Steri-Center 9000X.5 also includes Corian cassette wrapping shelveswith perimeter edges, soft-closure dampening hinges for all doors, and astainless steel toe-kick.

The Steri-Center’s modular design can be customized to fit any size sterilization area.

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