Clinical consultant and trainer Andrea L. Cook bases her training systems on practical knowledge gained through 20 years of chairside experience in Dr David Turpin’s office. Her years of experience include working in single-, double-, and multidoctor practices seeing more than 120 patients per day.

Her work with orthodontic practices includes indirect bonding, emergency reduction, and implementation of treatment plans, as well as reducing the number of patients in treatment beyond thier estimated completion date.

In addition to her orthodontic clinical consulting services, Andrea can assist you with sterilization design and implementation. A well-designed sterilization area improves your clinical efficiency and is a visible reassurance to patients that you practice the highest level of infection control for their safety and well-being during orthodontic treatment. Whether you use tray set-ups or cassettes, Andrea can assist you with plan review, set-ups, and equipment recommendations. Sterilization consulting services are customized to fit your needs, but normally orthodontists will choose one of three levels:

1) Plan review: Andrea reviews your design plans and cabinet drawings, then schedules a 30-minute telephone appointment with you to go over the recommendations.

2) Plan review plus equipment recommendations and cassette/tray set-ups and instrument calculations: Andrea assists you and your team in selecting the number and size of cassettes or trays you will need. She calculates the number of instruments you may need to purchase after an instrument inventory and audit. Finally, she recommends the ultrasonic cleaner and sterilizer for the size cassettes or trays you have chosen and the volume of patients you see daily.

3) Complete sterilization project: Andrea plans cassettes or tray set-ups, instruments, and equipment recommendations. The complete project includes everything in 1 and 2 plus 2 days of in-office  "Go-Live" coaching that includes loading cassettes or trays with instruments, color-coding instruments for patient chairs, cassette-wrapping instruction, tray set-ups, sterilization equipment maintenance, and team training with the new system. Andrea also provides "For your protection …" photos and text about sterilization for your Web site and office brochure.

For more information, e-mail Andrea.