Cazoo, which was designed to mitigate the risk of particulates that can transmit COVID-19, connects directly to standard high-volume evacuator lines.

SOTA Imaging announced the launch of Cazoo—an extraoral aerosol evacuator that can be used to reduce dental aerosols. 

According to the company, Cazoo was designed to help mitigate the risk to doctors, staff, and patients from particulates that can transmit COVID-19. Cazoo connects directly to standard high-volume evacuator (HVE) lines. 

Cazoo reportedly can be applied using a lip attachment or can be attached to most cheek retractors. A splash guard, sold separately, can also be attached to Cazoo for additional protection from aerosols. As the company notes, the ability to apply directly on the lip or use a cheek retractor allows for hands-free use. 

An arm accessory, also sold separately, is also available, providing dental practitioners with the ability to more precisely position Cazoo and further enable two-hand dentistry and hygiene procedures.