Angelalign Technology has launched its custom made clear aligners and aligner technology in the U.S. market.

Angelalign Technology announced the launch of its custom-made clear aligners into the U.S. market. Angelalign Technology is a global provider of clear aligner dental technology and evidence-based clinical expertise. With 1 million smiles treated, the company is now expanding its global footprint.

Since 2003, Angelalign Technology has maintained productive scientific collaborations with orthodontists and universities around the world, enabling the company to build a large database of complex orthodontic cases. The company’s research and development (R&D) and customized production facilities are now positioned to bring its perspective and technological advancements to clear aligner manufacturing and customer service.

The company is dedicated to research and development, with an average of 11% of annual revenue invested into R&D every year. Highlights include:

  • angelButton – Manufactured directly into the aligner to provide an additional anchorage point to support the use of elastics and TADs, these buttons can be added and/or adjusted anywhere on the arch and are designed with high structural integrity to facilitate efficient tooth movement via elastics.
  • iOrtho – A secure cloud-based service platform housing patient management data for Angel Aligner treatments. The treatment planning software has user-friendly 3D controls, allowing doctors to customize and review Angel Aligner case designs.
  • Intelligent Root System (IRS) – Get an accurate 3D digital representation of the patient’s tooth, root and jawbone relationship that uses CBCT data and IO scans and adjusts throughout the course of treatment via an Intelligent Root System (IRS).
  • masterControl S (MCS) – A soft multi-layered polymer material with gentle but long-lasting orthodontic force design for more efficient tooth movement. MCS exhibits enhanced tear and stain resistance, mechanical stability and unique reflective properties.
  • angelAttach – Optimized and conventional attachments are designed for better orthodontic force and more effective and accurate tooth movement.

Angel Aligner has a large specialized team of technicians with over 3.5 years of tenure, orthodontically attuned to precision case designs with specialized knowledge in complex malocclusions. They’re ready to support treatment planning needs with high-quality case designs and 10-day turnaround times.

Angel Aligner delivers a simple approach, innovative products and tools and experienced customer support to continuously push the edge of technology, product development and service to better serve orthodontic professionals and ultimately, their patients.

“We’re excited to combine two decades of research, development and clinical expertise in clear aligner technology with the seasoned experience of our leadership, sales and integration specialists in the North American market,” said Jason Tabb, general manager, North America.