Summary: Angelalign Technology Inc has unveiled new doctor-driven features, coinciding with its expansion into the Canadian market and celebrating one year since entering the North American orthodontics market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Angelalign Technology Inc has introduced new features in response to feedback from orthodontists, including enhancements to the iOrtho Workbench and a flexible attachment placement template.
  • The StarSort feature simplifies patient tracking and treatment prioritization by enabling color-coded filtering and custom grouping.
  • Orthodontists now have the ability to adjust the vertical height of attachments during the treatment planning process with a new attachment height tool.

Angelalign Technology Inc announced a number of new doctor driven features following its recent expansion into the Canadian market. This comes as the company marks the first anniversary of its entry into the North American orthodontics market.  

“Over the past year, as our global community has grown, and we have been collaborating with orthodontists who have embraced Angel Aligners as the clear choice for their patients. We’ve also been onboarding new customers and listening to the feedback of doctors,” says Jason Tabb, general manager and vice president of North America at Angelalign. “The latest Angel Aligner releases combine new innovations and optimized features that directly respond to the need of our customers.”

The company announced the following new doctor-driven Angel Aligner features:

  • The enhanced iOrtho Workbench featuring an intuitive interface and 3D controls that reportedly makes the powerful and secure iOrtho cloud-based treatment planning software even easier and more predictable to use.
  • The launch of a flexible template that provides team members with an alternative option to easily place attachments.
  • StarSort feature that allows orthodontists to color code and easily filter patients, simplifying the tracking of treatment stages, prioritization of next steps, and creation of custom groups.
  • A new attachment height tool that allows orthodontists to adjust the vertical height of attachments during the treatment planning process.