The company now offers on demand aligner printing for orthodontic practices that are looking for an additional option for producing aligners for patients. 

ArchForm, a clear aligner treatment planning software company, announced it has opened a 3D printing factory and is now offering orthodontists aligners on demand. With the company’s aligner treatment planning software, orthodontists can already print molds to produce same-day aligners in their own office. 

For orthodontic practices that have not or do not want to invest in the resources to produce aligners in office, these on demand manufactured aligners give orthodontists another option. In addition to in-office production and ordering from ArchForm, orthodontic practices can also combine in-office and outsourced aligners as needed. 

According to the company, ArchForm’s aligners are made by robotic precision engineering, using a multi-layer plastic material. 

Aligner production is currently offered for select customers and early access via the company’s waiting list, which is accessible on their website,