The new aligner system, guided by doctors, is available exclusively at Aspen Dental’s 900 locations in 43 states, and starts at $1,999. 

Aspen Dental Management Inc (ADMI) recently launched Motto, a new clear aligner system available exclusively at its 900 independently owned Aspen Dental locations in 43 states. 

According to the company, doctors guide patients at every step, starting with a digital scan. Onsite labs and in-office technology reportedly allow same-day delivery of the patient’s first tray. 

ADMI has more than 30,000 patients visiting its Aspen Dental network daily. The company estimates that seven out of 10 of those patients would benefit from orthodontic treatment. 

“Our approach at Aspen Dental has always been about providing access to care and saying ‘yes’ when others in the dental space say ‘no’,” says Bob Fontana, chairman and CEO of ADMI. “Making aligners affordable and convenient for patients while having a doctor with you every step of the way truly differentiates the experience for patients.”

Motto plans start at $1,999, dentist included, with zero-down and 100% approval options, according to the company. 

“Our sheer scale allows us to provide the highest quality aligners at an unbeatable price,” says Sarah Sharfstein, vice president of category development and strategy at ADMI. “We are removing friction from the system, making delivery of clear aligners easy for the doctors we support. And for patients, the entire experience is virtually hassle-free, with walk-in appointments and extended hours available, plus technology that truly delivers same-day start capability and reduces the number of visits to the offices.”