With two tools in one—a lever and a hook to remove top and bottom aligners, Nadine and Company’s Outie Tool makes aligner removal easier, especially for those with hand disabilities.

When registered nurse Nadine Saubers started wearing aligners for the first time back in 2009, she realized how difficult it was to remove them. She decided to invent the Outie Tool and before she knew it, she was on to something bigger than just herself. Since the launch, with an uptick in the clear aligner market, more than 4.5 million Outie Tools have been purchased in 55 countries.

The tool was designed to provide an easier and safer option for removing clear aligners at home. According to the company, Outie Tools are 4 1/2 inches long and 5/16 inches wide and can be carried easily in a pocket or purse. Outie Tool tips are narrow to enable a smooth insertion under aligners and feature reinforced ends to prevent tool breakage. Blister packs contain seven Outie Tools in five different colors, which are also available in wholesale and distributor size packages.

Orthodontic Products recently spoke with Nadine and Company to learn more about this trending product.

Orthodontic Products: What was the product design process like for the Outie Tool and how did you come up with the final prototype?

Nadine and Company: The Outie Tool has been through an evolution of materials, colors, and design to come up with the perfect tool. The first tool had thicker ends, now the ends are tapered to easily fit under aligners. We’ve changed colors over the years to stay current and edgy. We now have five vibrant colors: neon green, sky blue, midnight, pacific, and hot pink.

OP: How is this tool unique in the competitive orthodontic market?

Nadine and Co: The Outie Tool is the only aligner tool on the market with two tools in one. The lever end pushes off the bottom aligner, and the hook end pulls off the top aligner. The barrel is long enough for the biggest hand to have the leverage needed to easily grasp. We have CE certification for the EU marketplace.

OP: What impact has this product had on people with hand disabilities?

Nadine and Co: People with hand disabilities have difficulty with fine motor movements. The barrel of the Outie Tool is easy to grasp, and the individual ends make it easier to remove both top and bottom aligners without difficult maneuvering as needed when there is only a hook.

OP: What’s the best way to sterilize the product and how often do you recommend patient refills?

Nadine and Co: For convenience, most people like to have more than one and that’s why we supply blister packs. But the Outie Tool will last through duration of treatment and beyond; it is not disposable. It may be washed with any kind of soap, rinsed with mouth wash, or boiled in water if desired.

OP: Will there be any product updates in 2021 and beyond?

Nadine and Co: We are working on producing an aligner carry case that will fit aligners, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, and the Outie Tool.

OP: What else is next for Nadine and Company?

Nadine and Co: We are expanding distribution in Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, New Zealand, Russia, and beyond. OP