Great_Lakes-Duane-GrummonsGreat Lakes Dental Technologies, Tonawanda, NY, will hold a lecture series of 1-day courses, titled “Unlocking the Potential of Clear Aligners.” The series will be presented by Duane Grummons, DDS, MSD.

The courses will be held June 7, 2019, in Boston, and June 21, 2019, in Buffalo, NY. The course runs from 7:30 am to 5 pm. Eight CE Credits PACE AGD are available with the course.

Grummons is board certified in facial orthopedics and orthodontics and internationally recognized for his approaches to facial orthopedic, facial asymmetry, TMD management, and non-extraction orthodontic treatments. Known nationally for his clear aligner therapy innovations and total patient experience lectures emphasizing the team approach with staff, Grummons is currently a national orthodontics practice consultant, lecturer in airway disorders and dentofacial orthopedics, and orthodontic specialty management with inspiration.

According to a press release from Great Lakes Dental Technologies, Grummons will teach attendees how pre-aligner therapy can turn almost any orthodontic case into a clear aligner case. The lecture-style seminar explains how to identify and treat cases with pre-aligner therapy, and how to integrate this treatment into your practice.

Attendees will learn how pre-aligner therapy can allow complex cases to become moderate, moderate cases to become routine, and routine cases to become simple. Pre-aligner therapy allows for smooth and predictable case progress that enhances the patient experience and success of aligner therapies.

As an expert on building successful practices, Grummons will also teach attendees how to create success in their own practices, including inspiring teams to be “all in”, getting new patients in the door, increasing patient acceptance, and building a reputation in the community.

According to Great Lakes, these courses are open to dentists and their non-dentist staff. Registration is available at or at 800-828-7626.

Both courses are presented with commercial support from Great Lakes Dental Technologies.