Candid partnered with dntl bar to offer the company’s clear aligner treatment system at dntl’s New York locations.

Candid has partnered with dental service organization dntl bar, offering the company’s clear aligner system at the company’s New York locations.

Since 2019, dntl bar has expanded its locations in the NYC market, offering extended office hours 7 days a week to accommodate patient needs.

Dntl bar offers an aesthetic office environment, sustainable oral care products, and prioritizes service.

Candid clear aligner treatment comes through a mix of remote and in-person treatment, which dntl bar says makes it an ideal offering for its patients.

“At dntl bar, our motto is, ‘Dental for the people.’ For me, that means placing priority on respecting our patients’ busy schedules and giving them an experience that makes them feel at ease,” said Roshan Parikh, DDS, MBA, dntl bar president. “Offering Candid at our locations means we can provide our patients excellent clear aligner treatment with minimal follow-up appointments.”

Candid provides dental practices and DSOs with an advanced clear aligner system that minimizes in-person time for doctors and patients. Its CandidRx and virtual CandidMonitoring check-ins offer clinicians a reliable method for moving teeth.

“We aim to scale dntl bar quickly—from 5 locations today to around 50 in the next 3–5 years,” said Parikh. “Candid is one piece of the puzzle to how we scale. By transforming our patients’ smiles in our luxuriously-appointed locations, our practices will drive lifetime patient loyalty and cement dntl bar as a major player in the DSO world.”

Photo via Candid