DynaFlex introduced its second generation of Precision Aligner Buttons, designed for attaching rubber bands to clear aligners.

DynaFlex, a leading provider of orthodontic solutions, is excited to announce the release of the second generation Precision Aligner Buttons. These innovative buttons are specifically designed for use with clear aligners, offering orthodontists a reliable and comfortable solution for attaching rubber bands.

Precision Aligner Buttons are designed to reduce unnecessary emergency patient visits and improve treatment outcomes. The buttons have a wide range of clinical applications, including Class II and Class III elastic patterns, crossbite elastics, and posterior vertical elastics.

The Precision Aligner Buttons offer several key features that set them apart. The shape of the base pad is meticulously tailored to fit the aligner cutout windows, ensuring a precise fit. The maximized surface area of the base pad prevents detachment, delivering a reliable bond strength. In addition, the buttons are engineered for gumline placement, matching the shape of the tooth at the gingival third. The enhanced button head facilitates easy attachment of elastics of different sizes, enhancing patient compliance and comfort. Furthermore, the dimple on the button face allows for precise positioning using an explorer or scaler.

“We are thrilled to introduce the second generation of our Precision Aligner Buttons,” said Darren Buddemeyer, chief executive officer of DynaFlex. “As a company committed to innovation and providing orthodontists with superior products, we recognized the need for buttons specifically tailored for clear aligners. The newly updated Precision Aligner Buttons offer enhanced comfort, reliable bond strength, and precise fit, making them a perfect match for any orthodontic practice.”

The second generation of the Precision Aligner Buttons come in three variations:

  1. G2 Metal: Designed to fit the cutout windows of upper and lower molars, the second generation Metal buttons have a rounder, more comfortable button head, improved molar curvature and a lower profile stem to further reduce breakage, a maximized base pad that precisely matches molar curvature, and a lower profile stem for improved patient comfort.
  2. G2 Clear: Ideal for the cutout windows of upper and lower canines and premolars, the G2 Clear buttons offer a more retentive base pad, a sturdier button stem with reduced breakage, and are lower profile for enhanced patient comfort.
  3. New Metal Mini: The Metal Mini Precision Button is specifically created for second molars or partially erupted first molars. With a 15% smaller base pad and the same precise base shape for superb retention, it provides an excellent solution for orthodontic cases requiring smaller buttons.

Chris Cetta, DMD, a board-certified orthodontist practicing at Blue Wave Orthodontics in Tampa and Bradenton, Florida, and Richard Kaye, DDS, MSD, who practices at Morrone, Kaye & Yucha Orthodontics in Moorestown and Mt. Holly, New Jersey, are the co-inventors of Precision Aligner Buttons. Both doctors bring extensive experience and expertise to the development of innovative orthodontic products.

Photo courtesy of DynaFlex