With Spark’s Release 10, the company introduced TruGEN XR, a proprietary material that provides a more rigid option for finishing and refinements, as well as posterior bite turbos. 

Ormco Corp announced the latest update to its Spark Clear Aligner System, with Release 10. The upgrades include new aligner features and enhancements to its Approver software and case management portal. 

The upgrades include the introduction of TruGEN XR, a new material option for finishing and refinements, the ability to add Posterior Bite Turbos during treatment planning for complex cases, and CBCT integration, enabling orthodontists to import and visualize CBCT patient data within Spark’s Approver software. 

The new proprietary TruGEN XR material provides a more rigid option for doctors for finishing and refinements. According to the companies, orthodontists now have a “finishing wire material” that allows them to progress from a flexible material at the start of treatment to a more rigid material. The TruGEN XR material reportedly has the same advanced force retention, clarity, stain resistance, and material thickness as the original TruGEN material. 

Meanwhile, Posterior Bite Turbos can now be added during treatment planning for more complex cases. According to Ormco, the Posterior Bite Turbos are aesthetic, comfortable, durable, and sturdy. They are reportedly laboratory tested to withstand grinding and compression without cracking or breaking and do not require any bonding or composite filling. Per information from the company, they have the equivalent clinical effects of traditional resin bite turbos. 

As for the new CBCT integration, orthodontists can now import and visualize CBCT patient data (DICOM files) within the Spark Approver Software. CBCT data is reportedly automatically aligned with the 3D model in the software. As the company says, visualizing the cortical bones can help doctors properly plan and more effectively produce tooth movement. In addition, visualizing teeth within a 3D view of the facial structure can help doctors with treatment planning and facial aesthetics. 

Additional upgrades rolled out with Spark Clear Aligner Release 10 include new multiple treatment plans, group practice support, easier photo uploads, and availability and support in six languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and simplified Chinese.

According to the company, Spark enables doctors to request multiple treatment plans and compare them at the same time in the Approver software, while the group practice support means the Spark Case Portal now supports multiple doctors within a group practice. As for easier photo uploads, case submission now reportedly offers an improved user experience compared to the prior version through drag-and-drop photo uploads and background reference images.