Chinese orthodontic company Smartee unveiled the Smartee GS clear aligner series for the European market.

Shanghai Smartee Denti-Technology, China, unveiled the Smartee GS clear aligner series at the 98th European Orthodontic Society Congress in Oslo, Norway.

The aligners feature specialized components integrated into the aligner base, the Smartee S8-SGTB and S8-SGHB, which are the clear variants of Twin-block and Herbst. The aligners offer the ability to reposition the mandible while simultaneously correcting teeth alignment.

The unique approach replaces the need for invasive procedures like tooth extraction or surgery, reducing treatment timelines.

Gang Shen, research and development chief scientist at Smartee, developed a diagnostic classification system, diverging from the conventional Angle’s classification which focuses on molar relationships. The system tailors treatment solutions for diverse malocclusion types based on individual facial profiles, encompassing cases of facial prognathism, facial retrognathism, straight facial profile, mandibular deviation, and facial asymmetry. The classification and mandibular repositioning technology drove the development of the Smartee GS clear aligner series, according to the company.

Smartee’s GS Clear Aligner products are currently available in the European market.

Photo courtesy of Smartee