Align Technology has added the cleaning system, developed by Vancouver-based orthodontist Sam Daher, DDS, MSc, to its Invisalign Doctor web store. 

Align Technology has added the Steraligner aligner cleaning system to its Invisalign Doctor site web store and Created by Sam Daher, DDS, MSc, a Vancouver-based orthodontist and top Invisalign provider in North America, Steraligner is formulated to meet the daily cleaning needs of clear aligner patients. 

According to the company, the cleaning solution is designed for twice-daily use to remove plaque, staining, and 99.9% of bacteria found in the mouth for better oral health and cleaner aligners. 

“Aligners can accumulate plaque build-up after long periods of wear, depending on the interaction of naturally occurring oral bacteria with saliva and other factors in some patients,” said Daher. “I wanted to go beyond simple cleaning to develop the most effective cleaning approach possible to help my patients maintain great hygiene and get that new aligner look and feel every day. After numerous rounds of development and laboratory testing, we achieved that with the Steraligner cleaning solution, and I’m thrilled to make it available to Invisalign providers and their patients through these Invisalign resource sites.”

“We believe it is important to offer doctors and their Invisalign patients accessories and other products that enhance their treatment experience with Invisalign aligners,” said Nathan Minnich, Align Technology vice president, Americas marketing. “We know that aligner hygiene and overall oral health are important to patients, and the Steraligner cleaning system available through our doctor web store and Invisalign accessories site is another great option patients can use to clean their Invisalign aligners.”

The Steraligner cleaning system, which includes the cleaning solution and soaking dish, is available to Invisalign practices in the United States and Canada.