The company has received clearance from Health Canada to launch its uSmile Clear Aligners and uDesign treatment planning software to Canadian orthodontists. 

uLab Systems announced that they have received clearance from Health Canada to provide uSmile Clear Aligners and uDesign treatment planning software to Canadian orthodontists. The products will be available country-wide in the last half of April 2021.

“With this clearance, we will continue to grow our business and focus on the unique needs of orthodontists in Canada,” said Amir Abolfathi, co-founder and CEO of uLab. “We are excited to support the Canadian orthodontic community as we help them streamline the treatment process, reduce costs and take back control of their aligner business.”   

Tim Dumore, DDS, an orthodontist in private practice in Winnipeg, Canada, who is planning to outsource much of his aligner production uLab Systems now that uSmile aligners are available in Canada, is offering an exclusive webinar for Canadian orthodontic practices on April 20, 2021, at 5:00 pm PT to talk about overall workflow process and how to utilize uSmile aligners to create beautiful smiles and to differentiate your practice. He will also be sharing his  experience with uLab Systems.