At the 2024 AAO Annual Session in New Orleans, both well-established and new entrants to the aligner market showcased their latest product advancements. Here’s what’s new.

2024 Aligners


ClearCorrect highlighted ClearPilot 8.0, the latest iteration of its treatment planning software, and the ClearCorrect Sync App. ClearPilot 8.0 offers new visualization tools like Bite Jump Simulation, advanced editing tools for arch adjustment, and what the company describes as a more efficient treatment planning experience.

The ClearCorrect Sync App gives users full visibility of all cases synchronized from the Doctor Portal. Clinicians can review treatment setup and submission inquiries via the Doctor Portal and ClearPilot web view, and stay up to date with in-app and push notifications when case status changes.

The ClearCorrect Sync App allows orthodontists to access patient case details for treatment management on the go. The app also features an improved user experience for capturing and uploading photos to new and existing cases.

2024 Aligners

Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona focused on SureSmile Adaptive Trimlines. The company describes Adaptive Trimlines as “powerful” tools that allow clinicians to adapt the aligner’s trimline to achieve treatment goals such as rotations, isolated extrusions, treatment times, or aesthetics. According to the company, trimline type and height impacts the forces for optimal movements depending on the clinician’s goals, and can allow the clinician to manipulate the amount of force transmission and stress distribution across the tooth surface and provide more precise control of force which can enhance treatment efficacy.

When planning patient treatment with SureSmile’s Adaptive Trimlines, clinicians can customize and control per aligner arch how to apply the trimline type between scalloped and straight, and height within each stage. Adaptive Trimlines are available in the SureSmile Ortho Software.

2024 Aligners


FORESTADENT showcased its AccuSmile aligner system, featuring direct printed shape memory aligners, powered by GRAPHY. The material reportedly provides a uniform thickness to the aligners, avoiding the usual uneven thinning effect of a thermoforming foil. This uniform thickness in turn provides a constant force level over the whole aligner and a better fit of the aligner, which makes for a better grip. This improved grip allows for more control over the teeth and more effective treatment, according to the company.

In terms of the patient experience, when the aligner is put in warm water, the material becomes malleable, making aligner insertion easier—even with many attachments or severe crowding. Once in place and cooled down to body temperature, the aligner returns to a harder state and begins to have an effect. Removal of the aligner works just as well.

2024 Aligners

GC America

GC America Inc featured MOV’ Aligners, its new aesthetic custom digital aligner system as part of their initiative to provide a 100% total solution to the orthodontic specialty. The company says its MOV’ Aligners are manufactured using “top-quality materials for optimal patient comfort and treatment effectiveness” and are designed to withstand wear and staining to provide for reliable results throughout treatment.

The aligner system includes a user-friendly software interface for clinicians that is designed to ensure seamless treatment planning and case management. MOV’ Aligners reportedly are delivered promptly, allowing patients to begin treatment without unnecessary delays, contributing to patient satisfaction and successful outcomes. Clinicians have access to the company’s “white glove” personalized customer support, and practitioners and patients have access to educational resources, which include insights, best practices, and tips to optimize treatment results.

2024 Aligners


Ormco Corp highlighted the recent launch of its Spark On-Demand program, which enables doctors to order any number of Spark Aligners and Prezurv Plus Retainers with, what the company calls, “a simple, economical, no-subscription pricing structure.”

As the company explains, Spark On-Demand for Doctors provides customers with flexibility to purchase the exact quantity of aligner trays and retainers needed. In addition, there is no subscription or volume commitment needed, and the company states that the aligners are competitively priced. To order Spark On-Demand aligner trays or retainers, doctors follow the Spark Aligner workflow through the Spark DTX Portal. Spark On-Demand is now available to Spark providers in the United States.

2024 Aligners

Angelalign Technology

Angelalign Technology Inc, which recently marked the first anniversary of its entry into the North American orthodontics market, featured the angelButton at its AAO booth. According to the company, the angelButton “defines the future of elastic features, offering infinite possibilities for orthodontic elastic treatment.”

Integrated directly into the aligner, the angleButton reportedly decreases clinic time by reducing the need for bonded buttons and emergency rebonding appointments. The angelButton is designed to provide patients with effective, continuous force in the aligner and a comfortable and easy application. The angelButton and attachment can be placed on the same tooth. Labial and lingual placement is available, allowing for flexible positioning during treatment. According to Angelalign, its cloud-based iOrtho treatment planning and case management platform includes AI algorithms that allow for direct and precise button placement.

2024 Aligners

Allure Ortho

Allure Ortho showcased its TAGLUS PU FLEX aligner and retainer material at the AAO Annual Session. According to the company, the crystal clear material is the strongest and most durable on the market and features unmatched flexibility. Designed to ensure maximum comfort for the patient, the material reportedly has great polish-ability, no moisture sensitivity, and no bubbling. TAGLUS PU FLEX is available in three sizes: 030 125 mm Round (125 sheets/box), 040 125 mm Round (100 sheets/box), and 040 125 mm Square (100 sheets/box).

2024 Aligners


OrthoFX featured its NiTime Clear Aligners, a clear aligner system explicitly designed for shorter wear time that can be used to treat all malocclusions. NiTime uses the company’s HyperElastic polymer which is reportedly designed to maintain biologically favored force levels, allowing for predictable tooth movement with only 9 to 12 hours of wear time and without extended treatment duration.

NiTime Clear Aligners feature AirShell technology, designed to provide sustained optimal forces delivery, supporting natural bone tissue remodeling at its natural pace to straighten teeth and to compensate against daytime relapse. The aligners are designed to support favorable cellular physiology, fostering an ideal environment for biological tissue remodeling.

OrthoFX says 92% of NiTime Aligner treatments were completed without refinements. NiTime’s AirShell Technology has demonstrated an 86% predictability, according to OrthoFX, nearly eliminating the need for refinements throughout the entire treatment plan.

uLab Systems

uLab Systems showcased uDesign 9 treatment planning software, the AI-assisted platform designed to help orthodontists maximize their control over treatment and provide aligner workflow flexibility. The uDesign 9 release includes feature enhancements for bite ramps, pontics and domes, attachments and attachment templates, digital fill for in-office printing, auxiliaries for retainers, a beta version of IDB, and various user interface improvements.

The release also marks the launch of a purchase option designed to finish bracket cases with aligners or treat relapse cases. This finishing bundle includes the uAssist service for bracket removal and case planning, attachment templates, up to six aligners and two retainers, custom packaging, and the option to rescan and ship retainers in a second shipment to ensure the best fit for the patient.

2024 Aligners

K Line Europe

K Line Europe debuted at AAO with ClearX Aligners, featuring 4D technology. This technology pre-programs temporary and permanent shapes into the aligner material, allowing a single aligner to shift between the two shapes. This approach reduces plastic waste by up to 50%.
The ClearX Classic package includes a non-electric booster the patient uses to move the aligner into the next stage of teeth movement. Patients place the ClearX aligner they have been wearing into a small container—the booster— and fill it with boiling water. The water activates the 10-minute shape-shifting process. Once completed, the patient puts the aligner back in their mouth and wears it for the second stage of teeth movement. ClearX Classic also features an optional mobile app that provides patients notifications when it is time to boost and change to the next aligner.

2024 Aligners

Align Technology

Align Technology focused on the ​​Invisalign Palatal Expander System at its AAO Annual Session booth. The company’s first direct 3D-printed orthodontic device, the expander reportedly provides a safe, comfortable, and clinically effective alternative to metal palatal expanders. When combined with Invisalign First aligners, Invisalign Palatal Expanders reportedly provide doctors with a full early intervention treatment solution, including both skeletal (orthopedic) and dental (orthodontic) arch expansion.

The Invisalign Palatal Expander System consists of a series of removable devices staged in small increments of movement to expand a patient’s narrow maxilla to a position determined by their treating doctor. Each direct 3D-printed device is customized to the patient’s unique anatomy based on an iTero digital scan. A palatal expansion treatment plan and device design are then developed using Align’s proprietary AI-driven orthodontic software.

2024 Aligners

Henry Schein Orthodontics

Henry Schein Orthodontics featured a preview of its Smilers Expert advanced clear aligner system that can correct dental malocclusions and restore functional alignment. Smilers Expert is powered by Nemotec’s NemoCast, which the company calls “one of the leading virtual planning software for orthodontics.” Smilers Export reportedly helps doctors master their patient treatment plans with advanced tools and integrations with its intuitive software.

According to the company, Smilers Expert leverages CBCT for true root visibility and improved treatment predictability. Doctors can simultaneously compare and select from multiple treatment setups, while the timeline viewer allows orthodontists to visualize movement for each aligner. Smilers Expert also offers doctors the ability to tailor treatment for each patient with customizable aligner thicknesses throughout treatment with three aligner thickness options: 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm.

2024 Aligners

FirstClass Aligners

FirstClass Aligners highlighted its new clear aligner system. The company says its latest technology promises a more efficient, comfortable, and tailored orthodontic experience for patients. The company’s technology reportedly leverages precision customization, ensuring aligners are uniquely crafted to suit each patient’s dental anatomy. According to the company, this tailored approach enhances treatment effectiveness and reduces the overall treatment duration. In addition, the technology introduces accelerated treatment options, allowing patients to achieve optimal results in a shorter timeframe.

Integrated smart monitoring features within the aligner system reportedly empower both patients and orthodontic professionals. Patients can track their progress in real-time, while orthodontists can remotely monitor and adjust treatment plans as needed, according to the company. Additionally, on the patient side, the company says it prioritizes patient comfort with the incorporation of advanced materials and ergonomic design. OP