Image of Brasseler MINI high-speed handpiece.Brasseler USA, Savannah, Ga, has released a new Brasseler MINI high-speed handpiece that is now compatible with KaVo style couplings.

The Brasseler MINI high-speed handpiece offers a super-miniature head size that provides maximum access and visibility, according to Brasseler.

The lightweight handpiece features fiber optic light, ceramic ball bearings, and a replaceable turbine. It comes in two models: one for use with Brasseler couplings and a second option for use with KaVo style couplings.

The company has also released a new range of Brasseler MINI Burs for use with the handpiece. The MINI Burs are shorter than conventional short shank friction grip burs, and deliver increased access when combined with the Brasseler MINI high speed handpiece, according to the company.

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