ContacEZ_SupraDiscContacEZ, Vancouver, Wash, has introduced the SupraDisc, Safe-Edged Diamond Disc. Designed for use with Invisalign®, ClearCorrect, eCligner, Six Month Smiles®, and other orthodontic treatments, SupraDisc is used to perform interproximal reduction (IPR).

According to the company, unlike diamond discs coated with diamond particles all the way to their edges that make it easy to leave harmful gouges and ledges on tooth surfaces, SupraDisc features a unique design and diamond coating technology that leaves the outside of the disc uncoated and non-abrasive, preventing the edge from grinding deep cuts into the tooth. Additionally, this design helps ease initial entry between the teeth, helping orthodontists guide the disc straight down into the interproximal space.

SupraDiscs are 19 mm or 22 mm in diameter and are available in top-bottom-, and dual-coated. They can be used in conjunction with other ContacEZ IPR Strips and products.