On the Market

Dolphin and Charlene White’s Systematic Office Solutions Module

Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions, Chatsworth, Calif, has collaborated with practice-management consultant Charlene White to create the Charlene White’s Systematic Office Solutions (SOS) module.

Features of Charlene White’s SOS include practice, deband, and recall monitors that quickly compare practice numbers with Charlene’s benchmarks; instant-access scripting for the appointment coordinator and other staff members; scheduling templates for any sized practice; and a guide for implementing an effective recall system. A companion 60-minute DVD is also included.

Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions
(800) 548-7241

G&H SureGrip Photographic Mirror Handle

G&H® Wire Co, Franklin, Ind, introduces the SureGrip™ universal photographic mirror handle. The SureGrip engages mirrors with a twist of the handle. According to the company, SureGrip is fully adjustable, allowing the mirror to be adjusted and locked at any angle. The SureGrip handle is constructed of heavy-duty anodized aluminum and it is fully autoclavable.

The premium glass SureGrip holds mirrors that are 3 mm thick. The stainless steel SureGrip holds mirrors that are 1 mm thick.

G&H Wire Co
(800) 526-1026

Ultradent VALO LED Curing Light

Ultradent Products Inc, South Jordan, Utah, has introduced VALO, a new LED curing light. By offering three curing options (standard power, high power, and a new plasma mode), VALO has the ability to cure all types of restorations with the touch of a button, according to the company. VALO’s plasma mode has a 3-second time cycle and a built-in 2-second safety delay.

VALO’s aerospace wand-style body is designd to be lightweight and durable, with a scratch-resistant surface and a low-profile head.

Ultradent Products Inc
(888) 230-1420

Class One SeLECT Defense Coating

ClassOne Orthodontics, Lubbock, Tex, introduces SeLECT Defense™, a new product line for use in orthodontic treatment to coat brackets, ligature ties, and closing chain to help reduce plaque buildup and improve oral hygiene. Orthodontists can buy appliances coated with the product, and the patented formula can also be mixed in with adhesives, cements, and sealants to prevent tooth decalcification or demineralization. SeLECT Defense products do not require the orthodontist to perform any special steps when delivering appliances to patients—they can be used exactly the same way as standard orthodontic products.

According to an announcement from ClassOne, researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center conducted a 28-day mouth-simulation study of products with SeLECT Defense. The researchers found that SeLECT Defense technology offered 100% prevention of the development of clinically visible white-spot lesions around orthodontic brackets with elastomeric rings, while 40% chlorhexidine varnish—a commonly used coating—offered limited protection. Additionally, the researchers found that SeLECT Defense technology was not removed by tooth brushing within the period of the study.

ClassOne Orthodontics
(800) 343-5291

Sonicare for Kids

Philips Sonicare has launched Sonicare For Kids, the first Sonicare power toothbrush for pediatric patients. Sonicare For Kids is designed for parents to teach children to brush effectively and then transition them to independent brushing.

Sonicare For Kids has a handle designed to fit in a child’s hand, and includes two gripping locations so kids can brush with an adult during training and then transition to independent brushing when they are ready. Brush heads are available in two sizes to help accommodate the child’s oral development.

The brush has two power modes that are 60% and 40% less powerful than Sonicare FlexCare. A KidTimer function progressively increases the brushing duration over the course of 90 days, and the musical tones of the KidPacer technology indicate when it is time to move to another quadrant of the mouth.

The suggested retail price for Philips Sonicare For Kids is $69.99 and it will be available to consumers in September. It will be carried at Target and Amazon.com and will be available through select dental offices.

Philips Sonicare
(800) 676-7664

Dentronix NiTi Bender

Dentronix, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, introduces the NiTi Bender. The NiTi Bender has a beak design to help it bend NiTi wire. According to the company, the thin tips of the Bender enhance the memory of NiTi wire. The Niti Bender bends NiTi and stainless steel wires up to .016 inches, and is available in a high gloss finish with gold handles.

(800) 523-5944

OrthoEssentials Chairside Organizer

OrthoEssentials, Southampton, Pa, introduces the Chairside Organizer. The Chairside Organizer features 12 screw-lid containers for holding stops, locks, short ligs, short kobys, rotation wedges, precut coil springs, and more. With the base lid in place, the organizer can travel to satellite offices.

(866) 517-3257

Select Dental Fog-Free Intraoral Photo Mirror System

Select Dental MFG, Farmingdale, NY, introduces its Fog-Free Intraoral Photo Mirror System.

The complete intraoral photo system uses coated stainless steel mirrors to eliminate the fogging that can slow down intraoral photography.

According to the company, the Fog-Free Intraoral Photo Mirror System features micro fan technology, which provides continuous circulation of air within the intraoral environment. Three embedded LED lights are located at the front of the unit’s base. The cordless base/charger houses a rechargeable lithium battery that provides approximately 4 hours of continuous use on a full charge.

Each Fog-Free Intraoral Photo Mirror System kit includes one base, one #3 adult occlusal photo mirror, an A/C cord, and 20 barrier sleeves. Four additional mirror sizes are available separately.

Select Dental MFG
(888) 833-7790

3M Ortholux Luminous Curing Light

3M Unitek, Monrovia, Calif, introduces the Ortholux™ Luminous Curing Light. The light offers a constant output of 1600 mW/cm2. It also features a one-piece, pen-shaped, stainless steel handpiece, a rechargeable Lithium ion battery, and a built-in light meter. The Ortholux light has a 1-second tack cure feature and, according to the company, it can cure ceramic brackets in 3 seconds.

3M Unitek
(888) 364-3577

Kettenbach Futar Scan

Kettenbach LP, Huntington Beach, Calif, offers Futar® Scan, a scannable, addition-curing, polyvinyl siloxane bite-registration material that has been optimized for use with any CAD/CAM system. Futar Scan can be scanned by optical or laser systems without the powder required by some CAD/CAM systems.

Futar Scan has a Shore-D hardness of 35 and a total working time of 15 seconds with an intraoral set time of 45 seconds (total set time of 1 minute). Futar Scan can be trimmed with a bur or scalpel. It is available in a package containing two 50-mL cartridges and 12 mixing tips.

Kettenbach LP

Practicon SmileGoods Dental Floss

Practicon, Greenville, NC, introduces SmileGoods® Dental Floss. Designed to coordinate with SmileGoods toothbrushes and provide an inexpensive alternative to higher-priced floss, each pocket-sized dispenser holds 12 yards of nylon or PTFE floss. See-through plastic dispensers are color-coded by style and flavor. The floss is available waxed or unwaxed and in unflavored, mint, or bubble gum-flavored varieties. SmileGoods floss is packaged 72 dispensers per case.

(800) 959-9505

IndiGreen Gleco Traps

IndiGreen Innovations, Greenville, NC, is the exclusive distributor for Gleco Traps. The 19-ounce GT-19 Gleco Trap system helps dental professionals rescue lost instruments or burs without the need for tools. The compact 19-ounce reservoir bottle saves space under your sink. The complete system includes one trap assembly, two 19-ounce replacement bottles, a drain-off bottle, and all the necessary pipe components. Larger sizes for use as plaster traps are also available.

IndiGreen Innovations
(866) 429-4902