J. Morita,Irvine, Calif, has expanded its TwinPower Turbine® product line withthe addition of the mini Ultra Series. The product line includes the newUltraM and UltraE.

The UltraM is the smaller of the two, with a head height of 10.6 mmand 18 watts of power. Its head design accepts standard burs up to 20 mmin length. The UltraE is slightly larger, at 12.7 mm tall, and offers20 watts of power with standard burs.

The Ultra Series features zero suck-back in the air line, reducingcontamination, and a double impeller rotor design designed to deliverconstant torque and controlled speed. Other features include apush-button chuck, rapid braking, an LED coupler option, directconnection to popular coupling systems, and a 2-year warranty.

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