The CS5, the fifth generation of the company’s popular CS system, features CS NiTi springs and a new Twist-Lock pivot. 

DynaFlex has introduced the fifth generation of its popular CS System with the new CS5 Class II and Class III Corrector. 

The chairside appliance features CS NiTi springs, a DynaFlex exclusive, utilizing a patented, instant force (350 grams), nickel titanium material with specifically built key-hole ends that securely fit over the company’s Traditional pivot, as well as its new Twist-Lock pivot. 

According to the company, the new Twist-Lock pivot was designed as a one-piece component with no moving parts for simple attachment to the archwire. 

The company’s exclusive Magnetic Allen Pencil can be used to make placement of the CS system quicker and safer. The Magnetic Allen Pencil is “charged” using an exclusive rare earth magnet. Once charged, it then uses magnetic forces to latch onto the screw. The screw is then easily retrievable out of the kit and remains on the Allen Pencil for placement and tightening during installation.