TP-Orthodontics-Jasper-VektorTP Orthodontics Inc, La Porte, Ind, announced the introduction of the VektorPRO Class II Corrector. The VektorPRO is an orthodontic appliance that aims to simplify Class II correction using low forces. According to the company, it is “the only appliance that utilizes gentle, intrusive forces vectors that do not tip the maxilla—just what is needed for efficient Class II Correction.”

Featuring a patented design, the VektorPRO appliance reportedly introduces gentle intrusive vectors forces resulting in rapid, yet gentle changes. Class II correction can be achieved in 6 months or less, according to the company.

Because the vector control module (VCM) is made from nickel titanium, the appliance is reportedly break-resistant and force values of only 3.5 ounces are produced. The appliance is designed to allow for easy installation and to be free from the “food zone.” The fixed intraoral device features a silicone sleeve intended for patient comfort and an improved mechanical assembly for enhanced durability. The company points out that VektorPRO is compliance-independent, making it an efficient solution for Class II correction.

Designed by Dr James Jasper, the VektorPRO does not require any lab submission, which can help reduce costs and turnaround time.

“After inventing a whole new category of orthodontic appliances—the flexible push category—I realized that there were still major problems and side effects that were very undesirable with linear forces,” said Jasper.  “Namely, they all rotated the maxilla clockwise and caused extrusion of the already over erupted upper incisors. It took me 20 years to figure out that the curved vectors of edgewise could be applied to the maxilla to avoid any tipping moments.”