GreatLakes_RheaGreat Lakes Orthodontics Ltd, Tonawanda, NY, exclusively offers the Rhea™ Occlusal Appliance. According to the company, the Rhea appliance combines the accuracy of a laboratory-made splint with the ease of a boil and bite appliance, and is a “solution to poor-fitting, uncomfortable splints.”

Rather than softening to temporarily engage undercuts, the Rhea appliance is manufactured to re-form to subtle differences in the patient’s dentition, and compensate for slight inaccuracies in impressions and the deformities caused by plaster expansion.

Rhea occlusal appliances are custom-formed to original models. As a result, chairside seating is only necessary to fine-tune fit, and adjust for minor variations.

Rhea is available as a Wearguard, Flat Occlusal Plane, or Full Contact with Anterior Guidance splint.