Sunstar Americas Inc introduces Go-Betweens® Ultra. With a push of the lever, the head of the Go-Betweens Ultra pivots from a straight position to a 90º angle, providing superior interdental access to both anterior and posterior teeth. Designed to increase patient compliance, the easy-to-use Go-Betweens Ultra has an ergonomically shaped handle that helps patients remove plaque and food particles.

Go-Betweens Ultra is designed for patients who dislike flossing. It also can be used as an adjunct to flossing, for on-the-go interdental cleaning, for patients with gingivitis/interproximal inflammation, for gum stimulation, and for use with orthodontic appliances.

Go-Betweens Ultra is available in three sizes:

  • The Extra Fine Go-Betweens Ultra is designed to fit into interdental spaces as small as 0.7 mm.
  • The Cylindrical Go-Betweens Ultra fits into interdental spaces as small as 0.8 mm. The cylindrical bristle head is a preventative product for the general patient with healthy gingival tissue who may have trouble flossing.
  • The 1.2-mm Tapered Go-Between Ultra is a preventative tool for the general patient, as well as for those with problem areas.

Go-Betweens Ultra is available in boxes of 36. Each sample contains a retail coupon and a travel case. 

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