After struggling for years to maintain anchorage during orthodontictreatment, orthodontists have now come to appreciate the benefits ofminiscrew anchorage. Miniscrews are small, easily placed, well-toleratedby patients, and easily removed. More importantly, they provideabsolute anchorage and can be immediately loaded. Clinical situationsfrequently enhanced by miniscrew anchorage include closure of space fromextracted or missing teeth, intrusion and extrusion of single andmultiple teeth, buccal crossbite correction, and molar uprighting.Benefits of incorporating miniscrew anchorage into orthodontic treatmentinclude reduced cooperation requirements, fewer appointments, decreasedtreatment times, and superior overall results.

In some cases, miniscrew anchorage enables orthodontists to treatpatients who would have previously required orthognathic surgery withmore conservative, nonsurgical treatment plans. Examples of suchtreatment include closure of anterior open bites, reduction of gummysmiles that are the result of vertical maxillary excess, and full archretraction in selected Class III cases.

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