Anterior open bite (AOB) is characterized by "insufficient overlap ofthe lower incisors by the upper incisors." The prevalence of anterioropen bite ranges from 1.5% to 11% among various age and ethnic groups,and it has been shown that approximately 17% of orthodontic patientshave open bite.1,2 The etiology is complex, potentially involving skeletal, dental, respiratory, neurologic, or habitual factors.3,4

Open bite is considered a challenging malocclusion to treat, and itscorrection is prone to relapse. Treatment is usually targeted atobtaining a positive overlap of the maxillary and mandibular incisors.There is no consensus as to the optimal therapy for AOB. It can betreated by moving the teeth in the alveolar bone and soft tissue housingby employing interarch orthodontic mechanics. It can also be treatedsurgically by moving the skeletal bases. Behavior-modifying appliancesmight be indicated when digit sucking or interincisal tongue posture isidentified.

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