When I am examining a patient, I wear magnifying loupes with a xenonlight. I always try to complete my banded/bonded orthodontic treatmentas perfectly as I can, but after removing all bands and bonds and makingmodels, I sometimes find surprises.

Looking at the "retention models," I may find that the 3D views ofthe models bring to light a small space I missed, a molar torque that isinadequate, or other small finishing needs. To make retainers wouldretain these small problems.

However, today’s technology permits me to make aligners that I call"finishers" prior to making retainers. From an informed consentstandpoint, my practice now informs patients that several months ofclear, flexible finishers may be used between removal of braces andmaking retainers. This is a technique first described by Keith Hilliard,DMD, of Lakeland, Fla.

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