RTSP LLC introduces Retainer Splash, an all-natural, patent-pending, trademarked and trade-secret-protected product. While the product is designed for use on retainers, according to the company, some orthodontists and dentists have suggested potential efficacy on other removable appliances such as nightguards. Company spokesman Michael Pollock says, “We think we have discovered a consumer niche market for an all-natural and effective cleaning product.” Pollock, the inventor and a retainer wearer himself, adds, “Using a toothbrush or a denture cleaning tablet on retainers produces marginal results. Partially clean retainers continue to attract build-up, which eventually leads the patient to detest wearing the appliance.” Retainer Splash has twice been nominated for the Early Bird Sprit of Innovation Award. The product is sold exclusively through its Web site, www.retainersplash.com.