A close-up look at some of the products currently on the market to help treat your patients.

Adjustable TheraSnore

The Adjustable TheraSnore is a custom fit, with immediate delivery, FDA-cleared oral appliance for the treatment of snoring and OSA. Many doctors use the TheraSnore as a permanent treatment modality or as an interim treatment while the laboratory appliance is being fabricated. TheraSnore is available risk free.

For more information, visit Distar at distar.com.

DynaFlex Milled Adjustable Herbst

The DynaFlex Milled Adjustable Herbst device is an FDA-cleared oral device to help treat OSA. The device can be titrated forward as needed with up to 5 mm of advancement. Titrating the device brings the mandible down and forward to open up the airway for a healthy night of sleep.

For more information, visit DynaFlex at dynaflex.com

Sleep-Well Appliance

The Sleep-Well Appliance holds the mandible and tongue in a forward position to keep the airway open while triggering a tightening of the soft tissues and muscles of the upper airway. FDA-cleared for mild-to-moderate snoring and OSA, the appliance is ideal for bruxism cases. The appliance allows for up to 9 mm of AP advancement and maintains constant forward position via the patented Protrusive Element inserts.

For more information, visit SML Space Maintainers Laboratories at smlglobal.com

Medley Rigid Nylon Links Sleep Appliance

The Medley Rigid Nylon Links Sleep Appliance is ideal for the majority of qualified patients, utilizing a mandibular “pulling” force. The nylon link material provides a more rigid, firmer advancement feel, and won’t deform. The link material will retain its rigidity and strength for up to 1 to 2 years. 

For more information, visit Great Lakes Dental Technologies at greatlakesdentaltech.com.

Forward! Antisnoring Appliance

The Mandibular Advancer Device (M.A.D.) series features the Forward! antisnoring bimaxillary dorsal type appliance with 70° pre-angled screws. The device features 7 mm of advancement, ensuring clinician adjustment flexibility, and more fine-tuned control and customization during treatment. 

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