ClassOne Orthodontics, Lubbock, Texas, introduces SeLECT Defense™, a new orthodontic product designed for use in orthodontic treatment to coat brackets, ligature ties, and closing chain to help reduce plaque build-up and improve oral hygiene. The patented formula can also be mixed in with adhesives, cements, and sealants to prevent tooth decalcification or demineralization. SeLECT Defense products do not require the orthodontist to perform any special steps when delivering appliances to patients—they can be used exactly the same way as standard orthodontic products.

According to an announcement from ClassOne, researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center conducted a 28-day mouth simulation study of products with SeLECT Defense. The researchers found that SeLECT Defense technology offered 100% prevention of the development of clinically visible white spot lesions around orthodontic brackets with elastomeric rings, while 40% chlorhexidine varnish, a commonly used coating, offered limited protection. Additionally, the researchers found that SeLECT Defense technology was not removed by tooth brushing within the period of the study.