Focus on Practice-Management Software

TeleVox Software

TeleVox Software offers T.LINK™, an online communication tool that seamlessly integrates with any practice-management system to provide all the tools necessary to manage and improve daily office operations and communications. In addition to providing patients with online access to their appointment and balance information, and giving them secure online payment options, T.LINK allows patients to receive animated email greetings on holidays and birthdays. An appointment-reminder feature can use phone, email, and text-messaging applications. T.LINK also includes modules that provide orthodontic assistant training; access to guidance from industry consultants; referral collaboration; targeted marketing tools; online-training videos; electronic newsletters; faxes to email inboxes; emergency paging; basic and custom message building; online payment processing; seamless imaging integration; and a virtual office to view daily schedules, holidays, and uniform schedules. Orthodontists who purchase T.LINK receive a free custom-built Web site designed by TeleVox as well as a free listing in the company’s online orthodontic directory.

For more information, contact TeleVox Software Inc, 1110 Montlimar Dr, Suite 700, Mobile, AL 36609; (800) 644-4266;

Advanced Ortho Systems

Advanced Ortho Systems introduces Program Director 2006 software, which allows users to turn off features they do not use and prevent them from being visible on the screen. Certain screens contain both confidential and general data, so the software gives the office’s system administrator total control over the patient information each staff member can access. Program Director 2006 can be operated via Internet Program Delivery from the company’s data center in Los Angeles, or on a server in the office.

For more information, contact Advanced Ortho Systems, 41769 11th St W, Palmdale, CA 93551; (877) 803-4412; offers software that simplifies the inventory-management process. The user-friendly software enables orthodontists to use their own bar codes, control quantities on the shelf, control inventory costs, and generate a variety of reports. The Internet-capable software allows orthodontists to order from as many distributors as they wish, over the Internet or via fax. The database contains 30,000 common dental products identified by the manufacturer number, so an orthodontist can change dealers without adding the product again as well as add the distributor’s product number.

For more information, contact, 505 N Lake Shore Dr, Suite 521, Chicago, IL 60611; (312) 399-5442;

IMS Specialty Services

IMS Specialty Services introduces the Digital Office “Standard” version, which provides accounting, insurance, correspondence, and scheduling capabilities. The flagship version, Digital Office “Complete,” contains everything you would find in the Standard version with upgrades such as patient check-in; on-deck patient flow; a digital treatment chart; and seamless integrations with software such as Vistadent, Orthomation, QuickCeph, and OrthoCad. The IMS digital treatment chart offers features such as an audio recorder for taking treatment notes, document management, and scanning. Digital Office “Complete” includes ITRAC (information, treatment, and correspondence) for exam findings, treatment plans with unlimited scripts, and PowerPoint integration for case presentations.

For more information, contact IMS Specialty Services Inc, 43141 Business Center Pkwy, Suite 108, Lancaster, CA 93535; (800) 798-3010;


JulySoft offers ReminderPro, an interactive orthodontist-to-patient communication tool that helps orthodontists increase revenue and control costs by reducing appointment no-shows and automating staff telephone workload. ReminderPro allows users to create customized phone messages in their own voice, and features multiple language options, operator transfer, and instant detailed reports documenting every call. The system also allows users to handle additional messaging needs such as follow-up reminders, individualized provider instruction and information, and patient-satisfaction surveys. The program includes fully automated operation, flexible message construction, custom touch-tone responses, and integration with practice-management software.

For more information, contact JulySoft, 610 E Knox Dr, Tucson, AZ 84705; (800) 350-7693;


RxDDS introduces TeamLINKS online software for integrated documentation, communication, and collaboration. TeamLINKS stores images and data, providing electronic patient records that are easily accessible, user-friendly, and economical to maintain, It also provides the gateway for connecting disciplines within a common Digital Dental NetworkTM . The software networks dental professionals through digital records, threaded discussions, online conferencing, and study groups, and it facilitates orthodontist-to-orthodontist collaboration for streamlined,

common-format case management. Positioned as the single repository of all clinical activities, and universally available across all platforms to all providers and patients regardless of location, TeamLINKS can be used alone or in conjunction with other major dental-practice-management applications.

For more information, contact RxDDS Inc, 14200 Ridge Rd, Suite 101, Cleveland, OH 44133; (440) 230-5500,

Kodak Dental Systems

Kodak Dental Systems offers OrthoTrac practice-management software, which contains a number of user-requested features to help improve office productivity, streamline workflows, and make it easy for orthodontists to comply with HIPAA regulations. The software features new icons and reorganized windows to make it easy to locate and access commands. Patient-privacy functions include options for implementing stronger password protection, and an “automatic logoff” to reduce the risk that unattended workstations will be accessed by unauthorized persons. The software’s patient-flow module has been enhanced to make it easier to customize and set up key alerts. The charting module supports direct access to other OrthoTrac software modules as well as new clinical functionality. A point-of-care module is also included that allows you to take OrthoTrac software—including patient charts and digital images—with you anywhere in the office, using a wireless tablet PC.

For more information, contact Kodak Dental Systems, 1765 The Exchange, Atlanta, GA 30339; (800) 944-6365;


TopsXtreme introduces an orthodontic practice-management system with imaging and enhanced capabilities for practices that combine orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. The system features speed, security (the Mac OS X operating system is virus-free), scalability (it is highly, scalable no matter how many orthodontists, offices, or patients a practice has, because Internet technology is part of its DNA), and savings (practices with multiple locations do not require multiple servers or additional software).

For more information, contact topsXtreme, 2621 Sandy Plains Rd, Suite 101, Marietta, GA 30066; (888) 770-2488;

Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions

Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions offers Dolphin Management 3 orthodontic practice-management software. Dolphin Management 3 features practice analysis, which provides an on-screen interactive tool with critical practice statistics; treatment planning for designing detailed treatment plans for your patients; a document organizer, which combines all of your practice’s documents and communications into one electronic file cabinet; Orthobanc integration, which automates downloading and processes payments from Orthobanc; and user-defined alerts and tasks, which allow orthodontists to customize and configure practice-wide medical alerts, financial alerts, scheduling, and tasks. The software also includes revamped icons and Dolphin’s secure log-in and fingerprint biometric features, which enhance compliance with HIPAA guidelines. The system organizes and tracks most aspects of a practice’s daily flow, including accounts receivable, billing, insurance, scheduling, patient-referral tracking, correspondence, treatment-card visits, and reports. It is customizable, and it can be tailored to each practice.

For more information, contact Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions, 9200 Eton Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311; (800) 548-7241;

New Horizons Software

New Horizons Software introduces OrthoExec Advanced Series accounting tools, which extract critical financial data and trends and provide greater control over accounts receivable. The credit card and ACH payment-acceptance function eliminates late payments and past-due accounts by performing electronic withdrawals from the patient’s savings, checking, or credit-card accounts. With the software, the staff no longer needs to post payments to a ledger card, create coupon books, or generate monthly statements. The program’s report templates can be easily adapted to meet the needs of any practice and offer detailed insight into a business’ financial health. Easy-to-read graphic reports compare monthly and yearly charges, payments, and adjustments, and provide an in-depth look at referral-source statistics. The treatment-coordinator function routes patients from the initial exam to retention while communicating with patients and parents every step of the way.

For more information, contact New Horizons Software Inc, 301 NE 117th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684; (800) 543-5999;

Virtual Intercom

Virtual Intercom offers V.Com intercom, which stores, responds to, and prints messages. installs onto an existing computer network and allows practitioners to send and receive messages that appear in a customizable banner on a computer monitor. The banner’s appearance, location, color, and style are adjustable, as are its names, locations, and messages. The intercom is scalable for any size staff or office, and new procedures can easily be added. does not interfere with any existing software.

For more information, contact Virtual Intercom, 553 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021; (212) 983-5050;

Ortho Computer Systems 

Ortho Computer Systems introduces a time-saving practice-management, imaging, and communication tool built into ViewPoint 4.0. The ViewPoint orthodontic software tool includes the following: VP Imaging, which allows offices to capture, edit, or enhance digital records in the patient folder; VP Reminder, which automates phone and email appointment reminders; VP Messaging, which sends on-screen text to any workstation; VP Remote, which provides safe access to any office application from anywhere; VP Fingerprint, which uses biometrics for secure login for staff and patients; VP Credit Card, which works with all major credit cards; VP Signature, which makes using digital signatures easy and secure; VP Document, which archives exact copies of anything needed for a paperless office; VP To Do, which helps assign, prioritize, and monitor office tasks; and VP Timeclock, which tracks staff time for payroll and shows staff work status. Ortho II integrates practice-management, imaging, and communications within ViewPoint 4.0 with no increase in support fees. 

For more information, contact Ortho Computer Systems Inc, 1107 Buckeye Ave, Ames, IA 50010; (800) 678-4644;

Oasys Practice

Oasys Practice offers new software modules for the Oasys Practice Management System. The additions include Graphical Tooth Chart, which records, updates, and allows orthodontists to view dental records. The program allows users to record, update, and view all orthodontics, including appliances, archwires, bands, brackets, elastics, power chains, and springs. This integrates with the treatment card, which allows the viewing of past, present, and future visits. A business- intelligence module is an interactive data warehouse that can be used to quickly summarize large amounts of financial data, offering a snapshot of a practice at a glance. A patient self-checkout feature is also available.

For more information, contact Oasys Practice, 370 Winkler Dr, Suite A, Alpharetta, GA 30004; (800) 528-2978;

Innovative Software

Innovative Software introduces the Employee Management System–Finger-Print-Access Combination, an employee-management system and employee time clock in one. The software allows orthodontists, whether at home or attending a convention, to control their employees’ time by receiving an automatic email that includes attendance reports. The system automatically totals the hours and the sick leave, and handles vacation requests.

For more information, contact Innovative Software LLC, PO Box 23386, Chattanooga, TN 37422; (423) 847-3735;


OrthoChart offers OrthoChart 9, which has been updated to “XP Styling” with more than 50 enhanced features. The program has 25 shortcut buttons on two toolbars. OrthoChart 9 offers a comprehensive Windows® practice-management system, which features accounts receivable, electronic charting, examinations and treatment plans, letter merging, patient check-in, patient tracking, scheduling for multiple offices, and video imaging integration. Biometric scanning of fingerprints makes the program secure. Dymo® LabelWriter® printers allow staff to print individual address and x-ray labels as well as custom appointment cards, receipts, excuses, and coupon books. Support is billed to the customer on an as-needed basis, allowing the practice to cut down on the overall support expenses by avoiding long-term yearly support contracts. Demonstration packages are currently available.

For more information, contact OrthoChart, 3246 Montgomery Hwy, Suite 211, Dothan, AL 36303; (800) 231-7945;