FORESTADENT, St. Louis, introduces BioQuick®, the third generation of its self-ligating Quick bracket system.

The company scanned approximately 4,000 teeth from around the world using 3D laser scanning, and this data was used to develop the brackets’ base. The new base better corresponds to the anatomical curvature of tooth crowns due to its slight angulation. The base also has hook-style undercuts for bonding.

BioQuick brackets have a circumferential pad margin designed to reduce the overflow of adhesive. The interactive clip has a new snap function. With the aid of a notch on the pad margin, the probe is guided automatically to the slightly extended clip, making it easier to open from the gingival. The clip provides more free space for archwires up to a dimension of 0.0018" because of a special support.

The brackets also have four contact ribs in the slot. The archwire only rests on two contact points, providing clearance and easing friction-free sliding.

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