HuFriedy_AIRFLOW_PremiumHu-Friedy, Chicago, has added the AIR-FLOW® Handy 3.0 Premium to the Hu-Friedy EMS air polishing line. The portable unit provides both supra and subgingival biofilm and stain removal. It is connected to the dental unit.

According to the company, AIR-FLOW Therapy, along with AIR-FLOW PERIO Powder, is safe for tissue, enamel, root surfaces, orthodontic brackets, porcelain composite restorations, and implants and implant abutments.

The AIR-FLOW Handy was designed to be used specifically with the Hu-Friedy EMS AIR-FLOW PERIO powder, which is made of glycine. The unit includes two handpiece attachments for supragingival (PLUS) and subgingival (PERIO) applications. For supragingival cleaning, the PLUS handpiece is used on the tooth’s surface to remove biofilm and light stain. For shallow subgingival cleaning, the PLUS handpiece is directed at the sulcus to clean biofilm up to 4 mm. For site-specific subgingival cleaning, the PERIO handpiece is used with the PERIO-FLOW disposable nozzles for cleaning of deeper pockets.

In addition to the AIR-FLOW Handy 3.0 Premium, the company offers a full line of AIR-FLOW products, including six other units designed to meet specific needs of each practice.