Ormco Corp, Orange, Calif, introduces Insignia™, a computerized digital orthodontic system that creates custom-designed braces using a patient’s unique facial structure and dental anatomy.

Using 3D imaging, Insignia’s advanced smile design™ system allows patients to see a preview of the final results before treatment begins. 

Insignia uses integrated software and a custom-manufactured bracket system. Brackets and wires are designed specifically for each patient with the goal of improving comfort, reducing wire adjustments, and speeding treatment time. A computer-generated 3D bracket placement guide, also designed specifically for each patient, helps orthodontists place brackets precisely.

According to Craig Andreiko, Director of Advanced Projects at Ormco Corp, "Doctors and patients no longer need to accept a one-size-fits-all approach to straight teeth. With Insignia’s custom-designed system, orthodontists can achieve accurate and individualized results to ensure greater satisfaction for their patients." 

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