Ormco_ICEOrmco Corp, Orange, Calif, announced that its Inspire ICE bracket system is now available in all popular prescriptions, including the newly released McLaughlin Bennett Trevisi prescription.

The small, low profile Inspire ICE brackets are made of monocrystalline for a crystal-clear appearance which allows them to blend with patients’ natural enamel, regardless of shade.

Inspire ICE uses Ormco’s proprietary ball-base design, which helps reduce the force required to debond.

The brackets feature a smooth heat polished surface and rounded contours to allow for easier wire insertion and less frictional resistance, all while the twin bracket design includes ample area under the tie-wings for easier ligation.

Inspire ICE brackets have tooth-specific pad contours and a rhomboid shape to aid placement, while the company’s Face-Paint™ system helps facilitate bracket placement as well as identification.