Orthodontic Design and Production Inc

Patrick Roman is president of ODP, Orthodontic Design and Production Inc.

Orthodontic Products: What is the Agility® self-ligating bracket system?

Patrick Roman: Agility is a self-ligating bracket system that can be quickly adapted into any practice. Its ultra low-profile design and comfort features promote rapid patient acceptance and compliance. Agility does not require special instruments or training. Therefore, both orthodontist and staff can immediately incorporate this efficient appliance into their practice.

OP: What makes the system unique?

PR: ODP’s Agility brackets are based on our Comfort Zone™ bracket system, which is well regarded by orthodontists around the world. Engineered for maximum patient comfort and hygiene, Agility brackets feature a highly polished nickel titanium clip for enhanced sliding mechanics. The clips are designed with a powerful dual-locking mechanism that eliminates unwanted openings. In fact, the tolerances of the sliding mechanism are so precisely engineered that it is virtually impossible for food debris to enter, leading to less chance of plaque and tartar buildup. This not only promotes good oral hygiene, but also allows the bracket to function as intended over the lifetime of the treatment.

Agility brackets

In addition, the clip spans the entire mesial/distal width of every bracket, without deflection, for superior rotational control. This allows the wire to utilize the full width of the true twin design without the need for auxiliaries.

Agility opens with an explorer and closes with a fingertip, but the full rotational control capabilities and the versatility in finishing is what really makes Agility a unique treatment appliance.

The clips are removable. Therefore, the bracket can be used as a traditional twin design if desired. The brackets also feature an under-tie-wing area to allow for power chain or ligation with metal or elastomeric ligatures during the finishing and detailing phases. Each bracket was designed to accommodate traditional ligatures to work in conjunction with or without the clip, which can be reinserted into the bracket while it is still bonded to the tooth.

OP: What do orthodontists need to know about the Viper™ buccal tube?

Viper buccal tubes

PR: Viper is a low-profile buccal tube with a funneled entrance for easy and quick wire insertion. This buccal tube boasts a 4.2-mm mesial/distal dimension for full rotational control, a comfort ball hook, and a distal notch that provides additional anchorage for ligation and tie-back of auxiliaries. Also built in are occlusal/gingival positioning guides that allow for placement at the posterior region and assist with minor adjustments prior to curing the adhesive. Viper is available custom-welded or as a bondable appliance on our 80-gauge mesh, compound contour base that anatomically conforms to the tooth for proper fit and appliance expression.

OP: Considering the current economy, is ODP offering any discount or incentive plans to customers?

PR: ODP is a wholesale manufacturer dedicated to supporting our distributors worldwide. We were founded on the principles of designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality, affordable appliances throughout the world. Our products are now sold into almost every region of the world, and because of this, we strive to be cognizant and sensitive to the diverse economies that our distributors service and work within. We develop our business relationships in a close and trusting manner and rely on our distributor’s market feedback in order to provide support and create incentive structures that allow them to pass along discounts to their customers. Due to our proactive approach and high-quality appliances, we have enjoyed a dramatic increase in the demand for ODP’s products over the last few years and were recently recognized for our business in the global marketplace as the recipient of both the International Trade Excellence Award and the International Business Leadership Award-Exporter of the Year, from the World Trade Center-San Diego.