Peter C. Kesling, DDS, ScD, inventor of the Tip-Edge® orthodontic bracket  system, has released the sixth edition of his textbook, The Tip-Edge PLUS® Guide and the Differential Straight-Arch® Technique.

The guide contains detailed illustrations and intraoral photographs of more than 30 individual cases. Available in hardcover, the guide is 260 pages.

The guide explains how to use the Tip-Edge system, which was invented by Kesling 20 years ago. Tip-Edge brackets are distinguished by their archwire slot, which allows the teeth to tip naturally throughout the course of treatment.

The guide also covers all aspects of the PLUS bracket system that builds upon the original Tip-Edge bracket design. It places special emphasis on the bracket’s distinctive deep tunnel feature, which eliminates the need for uprighting springs, torquing auxiliaries, headgear, and anchorage devices during the third stage of treatment. 

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[TP Ortho, February 28, 2007]