Focus on Products for Patients


Brain-Pad offers PRO + PLUS adult and junior strap and nonstrap mouthguards, which integrate the protective and performance-enhancing qualities of the original Ultimate model with a smoother, trimmer curve for a great fit. The patented PRO + PLUS design secures, stabilizes, and cushions the jaw. It also offers TMJ brain safety, while protecting the lips, gums, and teeth. The mouthguard fits easily over braces and allows easy breathing, even when the jaws are clenched. PRO + PLUS allows wearers to speak and to recover lost strength from TMJ socket damage. It is available in translucent blue around gray or gray around black, and it offers flush front-strap attachment. The mouthguard includes two straps, and it is backed by a free $12,000 dental warranty.

For more information, contact Brain-Pad Inc, 322 Fayette St, Conshocken, PA 19428; (888) 424-9477;

Regent Labs

Regent Labs offers Kleenite, a dental cleanser that keeps retainers fresh and clean. Kleenite packets clean and brighten nightguards, mouthguards, aligners, splints, and other removable dental appliances. Kleenite removes plaque, kills germs and bacteria, and leaves appliances minty fresh. Regent Labs offers free sample packets of Kleenite to orthodontic offices, as well as 75-cents-off coupons for patients.

For more information, contact Regent Labs Inc, 700 W Hillsboro Blvd, Suite 2-206, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441; (800) USA-1525;



OraTec offers the Via-Jet PRO oral irrigator, which cleans and irrigates orthodontic appliances. It has a large control and handle, which makes it easier for children to use it. Its fingertip precision control features 1,200 powerful pulsating jets that blast food particles from brackets and bands, as well as a slow, gentle stream to irrigate tender gums with just a flick of the thumb. Its blue tint hides chemical stains, and a tough lid keeps solutions fresh and easy to refill. The thumb slider can decrease the flow to a mere drip for precision delivery of expensive antimicrobial agents. A wall mount is included with every unit, and an optional cannula adapter reaches the base of the deepest pockets. Extra tips and excess electric cords may be stored in the unit.

For more information, contact OraTec Corp, 12181 Balls Ford Rd, Manassas, VA 20109-2449; (800) 368-3529;


BankLine Direct introduces a low, one-time processing and signup fee of $175. On behalf of the orthodontist, the electronic banking service collects monthly payments via automatic deductions from a patient’s bank account on selected days of the month. BankLine-Direct then electronically deposits the payments directly into the orthodontist’s bank account. BankLine-Direct provides monthly transfer reports. Each transfer carries a $1.50 fee that is built into the patient’s monthly payment or can be absorbed by the office, thus encouraging the use of BankLine-Direct and further maximizing savings and cash-flow benefits. The signup and processing fee includes establishment and setup of a registered electronic/deposit account, all needed materials, communication training on how to use the service, and ongoing support.

For more information, contact BankLine-Direct, 85137 Kensington Dr, Pleasant Hill, OR 97455; (800) 636-6600;


CareCredit introduces customer-service, educational, and presentation materials in Spanish for patients and practices. The materials make it easier for patients to understand how they can accept recommended treatment and make low monthly payments with a no-interest or low-interest monthly payment plan. In addition to the in-practice materials, CareCredit provides 24/7 bilingual customer support, including patient statements for those who indicate a preference for Spanish.

For more information, contact CareCredit, 2995 Red Hill Ave, Suite 100, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-5923; (800) 300-3046;

The Ortho Club/Imperial Orthodontic Products 

Ortho Club and Imperial Orthodontic Products offer a line of oral care products, including travel toothbrushes in a variety of colors, disposable toothbrushes with or without toothpaste, floss (waxed, unwaxed, and scented), floss threaders, interproximal brushes, toothbrush timers, Butler disclosing tablets, Rincinol, and Infalab for pain relief. All the items are patient-packed for single distribution in the office.

For more information, contact The Ortho Club/Imperial Ortho Products, PO Box 549, Urbana, OH 43078; (800) 679-6793;

Ortho Technology

Ortho Technology introduces Comfort Cover™, which shields the patient’s lips and cheeks from the discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment or activities where oral laceration could occur (such as playing musical instruments or light contact sports) but where mouthguards are excessive. Comfort Cover fits aesthetic and metal brackets, is individually packaged, and protects both the upper and lower arch.

For more information, contact Ortho Technology Inc, 17401 Commerce Park Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647; (800) 999-3161;

Prophy Perfect

Prophy Perfect offers Alpine Total Dental Care, a 3-in-1 oral hygiene tool that combines three unique functions into a compact, convenient package that your patients can take and use anywhere. It freshens breath, removes tartar and plaque, and maintains healthy teeth and gums. A detachable interdental cleaner, a dental pick, and a toothbrush are all included in a handy travel case.

For more information, contact Prophy Perfect, PO Box 310, Osseo, WI 54758; (800) 776-3948;

L Brooks

L Brooks introduces the Floss Face dental floss dispenser. Floss Face features a smiling face and wild hair, which encourages the patient to floss. Your practice logo can be displayed on the back side.

For more information, contact L Brooks Co, 2328 Haverhill Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32312; (850) 668-6136;

GAC International

GAC International offers the Ortho ER emergency repair kit, which helps orthodontic patients make repairs to their appliance, therefore avoiding unnecessary office visits and after-hours calls. The zippered ER case contains mouth and easel mirrors, a travel toothbrush, wax, a Soft Stick Wire Mender, and color instructions. Ortho ER is compact, easy to store, and inexpensive; and it is available in four bright, translucent colors, as well as a pack of 50 assorted colors.

 For more information, contact GAC International Inc, 355 Knickerbocker Ave, Bohemia, NY 11716; (800) 645-5530; introduces the DentaKit, which contains everything patients needs to keep their braces and teeth clean when they are not at home. DentaKit is a 4- x 6-inch denier nylon case that contains an orthodontic travel toothbrush, toothpaste, a folding mirror, glide threader floss, Pick-a-Dent, dental wax, a spiral proxi-brush, and a dishwasher-safe pop-up Swedish folding cup. DentaKit opens flat to neatly reveal its contents. It is available in discreet black or cheerful red, in both child and adult sizes.

For more information, contact, 2033 Ralston Ave, Suite 38, Belmont, CA 94002-1737; (877) 329-4733;

Sultan Dental Products

Sultan Dental Products introduces DuraShield® 5% sodium fluoride varnish, which desensitizes and relieves hypersensitivity on areas of teeth where dentin or cementum is exposed. DuraShield also lines amalgam cavity preparations. The 5% sodium fluoride formula sets on saliva and remains for up to 8 hours. DuraShield features a unit-dose dispensing system that is completely sealed to protect the entire contents against contamination. Its light amber tint provides visual control during application, and the Topex® Bubble-Fun® Flavor (sweetened with xylitol) enhances acceptance by patients of all ages. Each premeasured 0.40-mL unit includes one UltraBrush™ 2.0 bristle brush applicator.

For more information, contact Sultan Dental Products, 242 S Dean St, Englewood, NJ 07631; (800) 238-6739;

Capital One

Capital One® Healthcare FinanceSM offers interest-free financing for up to 18 months. Affordable financing options allows an increase in case acceptance of up to 20%. Patients have a choice of 3-, 6-, 12-, or 18-month interest-free plans. There is no sign-up, monthly, or annual fees, and no equipment to purchase.

For more information, contact Capital One Healthcare Finance, 225 Turnpike Rd, Suite 300, Southborough, MA 01772; (866) 292-4030;

Oral Health Products

Oral Health Products introduces the P.O.H. Number 2 orthodontic toothbrush. The toothbrush features bristle tufts spaced widely apart from each other to allow the bristle tips to get under brackets and wires to help improve personal oral hygiene.

For more information, contact Oral Health Products Inc, 6847 E 40th St, Tulsa, OK 74145; (800) 331-4645;

OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals

OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals offers the Inspektor Pro System, which is powered by Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence (QLF™) Technologies and allows clinicians to detect preinvasive lesions. The system uses patented caries-mapping software to help detect and track caries prior to cavitation. Inspektor Pro also detects signs of demineralization around orthodontic brackets and helps identify problem areas. The system rescans identical tooth surfaces during subsequent appointments to improve patient compliance with oral hygiene instructions.

For more information, contact OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals, 1500 N Florida Mango Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33409; (800) 445-3386;

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble introduces the Crest SpinBrush Pro Clean, a powered toothbrush that helps patients clean hard-to- reach areas of the mouth. Its two moving heads have microcleaning bristles, and a thinner brush neck and head make for better maneuverability. The new brush also features an improved handle grip and better battery performance.

For more information, contact Procter & Gamble;

Century 2001

Century 2001 offers the Fuzzy Headed Bobble Pen, which features a huge grin with metallic silver braces and a fuzzy-feather hairdo. The pen is 6 inches high and includes a suction-cup base that adheres to most flat surfaces. Pens may be handed out to referring dentists for a constant reminder of your practice.

For more information, contact Century 2001 Inc, 110 Tomahawk Dr, Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937; (800) 245-2001;

Almore International

Almore International introduces eight-page Terrapin dental activity and coloring books. The books are for use in the waiting room or as patient giveaways, and they  entertain patients while reinforcing good oral health habits. The activity book features an array of puzzles, word finds, mazes, and find-the-hidden-object pages. The coloring book focuses on dental hygiene with humorous dental scenes ready for coloring. The booklets are both sold in packages of 100.

For more information, contact Almore International Inc, PO Box 25214, Portland, OR 97298; (800) 547-1511;

Ultimate Ortho

Ultimate Ortho offers all-inclusive prepackaged oral hygiene care kits. Choose from five different prepackaged kits: Pedo or Phase I, Adult or Phase II, Economy Plus, Economy, and General Dental. The latest addition to Ultimate Ortho’s line is the customizable kit, which allows the office to choose the contents. All Ultimate Ortho kits include their own set of instructions on the proper usage of each item, as well as address compliance issues. In addition, your office logo and information may be included on each kit at no additional charge.

For more information, contact Ultimate Ortho LLC, 2200 Desert Varnish Ct, Grand Junction, CO 81503; (888) 678-4619;

Honeysuckle Creations

Honeysuckle Creations introduces the silicone Awareness Bracelet with personal messages, similar to the one made popular by cyclist Lance Armstrong. The bracelet is a great marketing item and is appealing to adults and children of all ages.

For more information, contact Honeysuckle Creations, PO Box 549, Urbana, OH 43078; (800) 487-9325;

Dr. Ken’s

Dr. Ken’s offers oral care products including toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, breath strips, and dental gum. The patented formulas contain green tea extract and are made with natural antibacterials and antioxidants. The toothpaste uses green tea to fight cavities, papaya and sodium bicarbonate to whiten teeth, and zinc oxide and citric acid to control tartar. The mouthwash is alchohol free and contains aloe vera. The green-tea-impregnated dental floss comes in single-use packets.

For more information, contact Floss & Go Inc, 1112 Montana Ave, Suite D, Santa Monica, CA 90403; (877) FLOSSGO;

OnGuard Dental Products

OnGuard® Dental Products offers the OnGuard® Toothbrush, which is designed to clean the teeth and massage the gums. The brush is shaped like a cross, which allows all surfaces of the teeth and gums to be cleaned. Dupont Tynex™ soft, end-rounded bristles massage gums, and the Power Point Tip polishes teeth, even in hard-to-reach areas.

For more information, contact OnGuard Dental Products Inc, 4304 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209; (800) 299-0048;

Da Vinci Studios

da Vinci Studios introduces CleanMints™, antibacterial breath mints that give patients a “just-brushed” feeling while also whitening the teeth. CleanMints are intended as a supplement to toothbrushing, and their antimicrobial properties improve overall tooth and gum health by fighting anaerobic bacteria that causes halitosis and other gum diseases. The mints come in a pocket-sized tin that makes them much more convenient to carry than a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste.

For more information, contact da Vinci Studios Inc, 22135 Roscoe Blvd, West Hills, CA 91304; (800) 655-7550;


Smile! introduces a tooth-shaped mini-CD to educate patients on gum disease, cavities, eating habits, appliance activation, elastic wear, and troubleshooting. The CD also teaches patients how to brush, floss, and use a proxi-brush with braces and appliances. The CD may be personalized with your practice’s logo and colors.

For more information, contact Smile!, 7250 Redwood Blvd, Suite 107, Novato, CA 94945; (888) 227-3735;

Sunstar Butler

Sunstar Butler offers a brochure titled, “Especially for Your Orthodontic Practice,” which provides a complete listing and description of all orthodontic products available from the GUM® line. The brochure also presents convenient, preassembled GUM® Ortho Kits, which contain all the essential items for complete orthodontic home care. Four different kits are available, geared toward adults or youths.

For more information, contact Sunstar Butler, 4635 W Foster Ave, Chicago, IL 60630; (800) 528-8537;

Glenroe Technologies

Glenroe Technologies introduces Aligner Chewies, which are a replacement for the standard dental cotton roll of the same shape and size. Made of injection-molded plastic, Aligner Chewies are used for patients with aligner appliances, when the incompletely seated aligner needs to be forced down with biting forces over a period of days to eliminate the air space between the aligner and the teeth.

For more information, contact Glenroe Technologies, 1912 44th Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34203; (800) 237-4060;

Plak Smacker

Plak Smacker introduces a  patient hygiene kit designed for teen and adult patients. The patient-friendly zip pouch features a jewel-toned travel  toothbrush, a rectangular toothbrush cover, a mouth mirror, mint flavored floss, and a 29-tuft gum stimulator brush with Power Tip for easier access to posterior teeth. The pouch has a slot to accommodate appointment cards, business cards, or a magnet.

For more information, contact Plak Smacker, 755 Trademark Circle, Corona, CA 92879; (800) 558-6684;

GMZ Associates

GMZ Associates offers the Ortho ReadyBrush, with its “V”-trim bristled design that cleans teeth without interfering with oral appliances. A patented process activates the toothpaste by wetting the bristles. Ortho ReadyBrush is a full-sized, quality toothbrush with soft, end-rounded, and polished DuPont Tynex nylon bristles. Refreshing mint-flavored toothpaste is bonded to the bristles. Each brush is individually wrapped and hermetically sealed. Ortho ReadyBrush is available in a 30-brush patient pack.

For more information, contact GMZ Associates Ltd, 86 Cain Dr, Brentwood, NY 11717; (631) 273-5088;