with Paul Duryea, Gold’n Braces

Paul Duryea, DDS, MS, is the president of Gold’n Braces Inc, the originator of the 24K gold Midas™ bracket system. He has been specializing in orthodontics and surgical orthodontics in Palm Harbor, Fla, for more than 25 years. In addition to being a member of the oral surgery team at the Mease/Morton Plant Hospital in Clear­water, Fla, as well as at the University Com­munity Hospital in Tampa, Fla, Duryea is a member of the AAO, ADA, AAFO, AGD, FDA West Coast District Dental Society, and the Upper-Pinellas Dental Association. He is also an advisory board member of the Pinnacle Study Club.

OP: What types of orthodontic products does your company offer?

Duryea: We offer a complete line of orthodontic products in 24K gold that we take pride in, including brackets, archwires (stainless, nickel-titanium, thermal nickel titanium, gold-plated), steel ligature ties, and open and closed coil. We also offer gold-plated retainer wire for fixed and removable retention.

OP: How does the Midas bracket system compare with other brackets on the market?

Duryea: The Midas bracket system was the first on the market. It is the most complete line of gold orthodontic appliances.

OP: In what ways does the 24K gold enhance the products?

Duryea: Gold serves two purposes: It is more biocompatible for patients with nickel allergies, and it is more aesthetically pleasing so that it blends better with most skin tones. It also provides a softer appearance in the mouth than the stainless-steel look. Our proprietary plating process allows a 24K gold-plated surface that does not change the inherent properties of our brackets and wires. 

OP: Can gold braces be used to treat nickel-sensitive patients?

Duryea: Yes. Due to the thickness of our plating process, gold brackets and archwires have been used very successfully in this group of patients. In fact, I have used them in my own practice in situations in which a patient has a nickel allergy, and I have seen no adverse effects.

OP: Where do you expect your company to be 5 years from now?

Duryea: We expect our company to remain a leader in providing gold appliances, expanding our line to keep up with new technology in orthodontics.