BioMers, Bothell, Wash, has launched its new flagship product line, the SimpliClearTMFull orthodontic system. According to the company, the translucent braces maybe used to treat patients even with severe malocclusions.

The SimpliClear Full braces solution is based on the same principles asmetal braces. The proprietary materialsused by BioMers make SimpliClear braces (pictured) practically invisible, according to the company. BioMers alsooffers clear archwires.

Having launched SimpliClear Full in Singapore, BioMers now plans tobring the new product line to other Asian countries, Europe, and the United States.

SimpliClear is based on compositepolymer wires strengthened through the use ofnanotechnology that gives SimpliClear bracesmechanical properties similar to those of traditional metal braces, with theadded benefits of high biocompatibility and non-allergeniccharacteristics. According to the company, the polymer composite is formed into translucentarchwires, which have the tensile strength needed to move teeth intotheir correct positions.

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