Inman Orthodontic Laboratory Inc introduces the Inman Clasp, a variation of the Ball clasp, an Adams Clasp with an adjustable bridge.
According to the company, the Inman Clasp has better retention than an Adams Clasp and is also easier to bend. The Inman Clasp can be adjusted below the bridge without affecting the wires above the bridge. The ball ends can be bent in any direction to gain retention.

The bridge allows the patient to grasp and remove the appliance easily, and also allows a labial bow, springs, or hooks to be soldered to the clasp. The bridge also adds strength and eliminates deformation of the ball clasps.

The omega loop in the bridge allows the preformed clasp to be customized by either closing the loop to make the clasp narrower or by opening the loop to make the clasp wider. For more information, contact Inman Orthodontic Laboratories.