Summary: Buffalo Dental Manufacturing’s new AlignerWorks system is designed to streamline and enhance the precision fabrication of custom oral appliances, benefiting both dental labs and in-house dental practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • AlignerWorks integrates three tools—ThermaKnife, ThermaPlier, and V-35 Electric Handpiece—to streamline the fabrication of custom oral appliances.
  • The system offers ergonomic design, adjustable temperature control, and high-torque performance to improve workflow efficiency and product quality.

Buffalo Dental Manufacturing (BDM) recently launched AlignerWorks, an integrated three-tool bench system specifically designed to enable the precise fabrication of a wide range of custom-made oral appliances for dental labs as well as dental practices that produce oral appliances in-house.

AlignerWorks Components

AlignerWorks includes the ThermaKnife, a pen used for fast and easy trimming of 3D digital prosthetics, trays, soft thermoplastic dental whitening trays, soft mouthguards, custom soft nightguards, implant surgical guides, and most commonly, clear aligners.

It also features ThermaPlier, which is used to dimple aligners to control compressive pressure. The device can also be used for making retentive undercuts on orthodontic appliances and mouthguards.

Lastly, it includes the V-35 Electric Handpiece, which delivers 35,000 RPM high-torque performance to easily cut and grind appliance materials for precision oral appliance fabrication.

Additional Features and Benefits

The AlignerWorks Three-Tool Bench System also includes the following features and benefits:

  • Lightweight pen with an ergonomic design and sharp, permanent tip for improved comfort and control.
  • Fully adjustable temperature control for precise cutting action. The cutting tip heats ultra-fast to save time and eliminate waiting.
  • High-torque motor provides smooth operation and powerful performance with less operator fatigue.
  • Four multi-speed options (14k, 22k, 27k, 35k rpm) enable ideal speed selection for most cutting needs.

“AlignerWorks is an efficient solution for putting the finishing touches on just about any custom oral appliance,” said Don Nevin, BDM chief executive officer. “It will not only simplify oral appliance fabrication workflow; it will also save time and money while improving the satisfaction of prescribing clinicians and their patients.”