DENTSPLY GAC,Bohemia, NY, has undergone a supply disruption due to the earthquakeand tsunami in Japan. In response to concerns and rumors in theorthodontic community, it has offered the following open letter, whichwe quote in full:
"Dear Customers, Colleagues, and Friends,

DENTSPLY GAC operates according to a list of shared core values.We work hard to live up to them each and every day. Topping this listare Unquestionable Integrity and Mutual Respect. In the spirit of thesetwo key core values, we would like to update you on the situationcreated by the crisis in Japan.

As you know by now, the tragedy in Japan has affected our majormanufacturing partner. Thankfully we received word shortly after theearthquake and tsunami that their employees were safe. While the plantsurvived with minimal damage, it is located well within the evacuationzone of the damaged nuclear facility.

Since the day of the disaster, DENTSPLY GAC’s focus has been ongetting our customers through the supply disruption. We immediatelyimplemented a fair share allocation plan to prevent panic buying and toensure customers’ immediate product needs are met as we move forward.We’ve been working on alternative suppliers in the event that supplydisruptions from Japan are prolonged. And, as hard as it is, given ourlong term relationships with our orthodontists, our SalesRepresentatives have been advising customers to seek competitivesuppliers as our inventories reach critical levels.

We’d also like to take a moment to set the record straightregarding certain rumors that have been circulating in the orthodonticcommunity. First is the rumor that products shipped since the disasterare contaminated. This is not only false, but impossible as no shipmentshave left their facility from the moment of the earthquake. This simplefact aside, you can be sure we would scrap every bracket and wire inour warehouse before ever allowing dangerous materials to reach you andyour patients.

In addition, some suppliers have been soliciting our customers byclaiming to ‘be there to help GAC’ implying some sort of cooperativearrangement. This is also untrue; we have not endorsed arrangements withanyone to supply our customers. We believe crisis has a way ofrevealing character. Our orthodontists value unquestioned integrity aswe do, and ultimately we think they will reject those that seek toexploit this tragedy with falsehoods for personal gain.

Most often we find that extreme circumstances bring out the best inpeople. Long time customers have called expressing their concern andsupport. Several new strategic partners have insisted on going forwardwith DENTSPLY GAC despite being given the opportunity to exit in thewake of the situation. And in looking for alternative sources of supply,many manufacturers, including those who days earlier were strongcompetitors, have offered help. To all of you, while ‘thank you’ seemsinadequate to express the way we at DENTSPLY GAC feel about your actionsin this difficult time, we want you to know how much we appreciate thesupport we continue to receive daily. Clearly, the values of integrityand respect are shared by you as well!

We will continue to communicate with all of you openly and transparentlyas we work through this. As we do, it’s important to us at DENTSPLYGAC, and our parent company DENTSPLY International that you know howstrongly we value Unquestionable Integrity and Mutual Respect. It’s notonly how we act, it is who we are. In the end, it’s why we know thisperiod will not be the end of long-standing relationships, but insteadit will reaffirm why they existed in the first place.

Kindest Regards,
Your Friends, Colleagues, and Business Partners at DENTSPLY GAC"
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