The company formerly known as OCA Inc. is now OrthoSynetics™. “Our organization has a renewed purpose and vision that is dedicated to bringing our doctors and their associates superior value,” said Chris Roussos , who recently took over the helm as CEO of OrthoSynetics. “Our first and only focus at this point is listening to our customers and responding to their needs. Their growth and success is job one.”

OrthoSynetics™ manages the business and marketing functions of orthodontics practices, including advertising, payroll processing, financial reporting, purchasing, technical support, and patient financial services. The company currently serves about 350 orthodontic practice locations.

Roussos said the company’s new name is a public pronouncement of the company’s shift in vision and in the entire organization’s way of thinking and operating.

“Our new identity reflects our new and fervent commitment to customer service,” said Roussos. “As we emerge from what has been a challenging year, we are changing the culture of this company. We are listening to our customers and focusing on improving communication, our performance, and the company’s infrastructure.”

Roussos explained that the organization is in an active listening phase, in which he and his team are personally meeting and speaking with customers and suppliers to gain their insight on how to serve them better.

“The heart of our organization is not at our corporate headquarters in Louisiana—it is in each and every one of the practices we serve on a daily basis,” Roussos said. “We are committed to improving the services we provide—from IT capability, to practice enhancement, and customer service—to ensure that our customers are being given the services and tools they need to build and grow their practices.”