On The Market

Delivery System
Delivery SystemBoyd Industries introduces the CSU362, a computer-compatible delivery system that allows “stand-up” entry of information by a staff member. The delivery unit is ETL approved and carries a 510(k) FDA approval. Its CPU storage is isolated from any water related to the delivery system. The electrical outlets are all GCFI controlled to eliminate a shock hazard. A fuse-protected Boyd electrical junction box is provided for the CPU and monitor to prevent power surges from damaging the computer hardware. The system includes large ventilation ports to prevent heat buildup and computer shutdown. An optional thermo-coupler-controlled fan to evacuate excess heat is available. The unit is backed by a 3-year warranty.

For more information, contact Boyd Industries Inc, 12900 44th St N, Clearwater, FL 33762; (800) 255-2693; www.boydindustries.com.

SterilizerMasel/Cox offer a 6-minute Dry-Heat Sterilizer that sterilizes up to 50 pliers simultaneously. It does not corrode, dull, or rust instruments. It also sterilizes burs, diamonds, and rubber-polishing wheels. Each unit includes a removable instrument basket, basket-removal tool, cooling rack, drawer assembly, and an instrument rack for sterilizing packaged instruments. Masel offers a 1-year warranty and a customer-appreciation extended warranty, which allows the customer to exchange the unit after 1 year at a discounted price. As an introductory offer, Masel is including a free extra sterilization basket and basket-removal handle with each purchase.

For more information, contact Masel, 2701 Bartram Rd, Bristol, PA 19007-6892; (800) 423-8227; www.maselortho.com.