The Einstein series of 3D Printers are designed to meet customers’ production needs ranging from clinicians to labs.

Desktop Health announced the commercial launch of the Einstein series of 3D printers designed for dental professionals.

Leveraging Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, the Einstein printer is designed with proprietary NanoFit 385 technology to ensure each application results in an accurate fit and natural-looking finish. 

Equipped with Hyperprint technology and a closed-loop software upgrade, the Einstein printer features improved accuracy with speeds up to 50% faster than its predecessor.

The Einstein series is available in multiple 3D printing solutions to address specific customer needs ranging from clinicians to labs.

The Einstein series is designed for various dental specialties, including orthodontics. Orthodontists can fabricate clear aligners and retainers using 3D-printed dental models printed with the Einstein 3D printer.

In addition, orthodontists can print indirect bonding trays for positioning and bonding brackets for ortho treatment.

The Einstein series includes The Einstein, designed for general dentists, Einstein Pro, designed for small dental labs and specialists, and Einstein Pro XL, designed for high production dental labs offering the largest build envelope.

Photo courtesy of Desktop Health