Materialise and 3dMD have announced a partnership that will unite Materialise’s patient-specific software platform SurgiCase CMF with 3dMD’s high-precision 3D surface imaging system, providing a comprehensive treatment and virtual simulation environment for orthodontists.

"3D surface imaging is in many applications instrumental in creating a valid patient-specific biomechanical model," said Wilfried Vancraen, CEO of Materialise. "With 3dMD’s 12 years of experience in imaging soft-tissue changes and established customer presence in the world’s thought leading teaching institutions, clinics, and practices, we believe 3dMD is the perfect partner for our treatment-related simulation initiatives. The 3dMD scanner allows radiation-free planning and treatment follow-up. Without doubt, this is beneficial in the treatment of children, for instance."

3dMD provides an accurate external surface image that is currently not generated by 3D radiographic devices. The 3dMD image is a critical component of the digital "Patient-Specific Anatomic Reconstruction," which is an anatomically accurate record in which all of the patient’s 3D images (CT/CBCT, MRI, and 3dMD) are superimposed into one valid 3D structure and combined with the relevant biomechanical properties. 3dMD registers 1:1 to correct CBCT surface artifacts caused by patient movement during the duration of the scan, compensate for soft-tissue compression from CBCT stabilization aids, eliminate soft-tissue draping from supine CT or CBCT devices, supplement any missing anatomical data, and capture the natural head position. 

With SurgiCase CMF, Materialise provides a 3D simulation environment for cranio-maxillofacial surgeries. Based on CT or MRI data, it offers presurgical information in both 3D and 2D, allowing users to perform cephalometric analyses; plan osteotomies, distractions, reconstructive surgeries, and anaplastology cases; and simulate the soft-tissue outcome. It allows the user to try out different surgical approaches and compare virtual postoperative results. Once the surgery planning in SurgiCase CMF is completed, custom-made surgical guides can be produced using 3D printing. These guides accurately transfer the planned treatment to the patient at the time of surgery.

Materialise uses the same 3D printing technique to manufacture physical 3D models of any SurgiCase CMF project, offering a complete solution for computer assisted cranio-maxillofacial surgery.