OrthoNu is offering a line of self-care tools for orthodontic patients with braces and aligners to meet the needs of daily oral care.

OrthoNu, a company focused on developing products to support the orthodontic community and patients, has launched a new category of orthodontic self-care solutions for real life.

OrthoNu is delivering a full line of professional-grade self-care tools, including Tweakz for Braces and Tweakz for Aligners, to meet the daily oral care needs of orthodontic patients and enhance practice efficiencies.

OrthoNu gives patients the ability to better care for their oral health so unplanned and urgent appointments can be minimized.

OrthoNu’s line of products focus on emergency care, oral hygiene, oral aesthetics, and oral health, reducing the massive impact of emergency visits and elevating the patient experience throughout treatment.

This provides orthodontic practices with the opportunity to create office efficiencies such as reduced use of clinical chair time and additional tools sterilizations, so care teams have more time to see scheduled patients, potentially leading to greater profitability.

“As orthodontists, we recognize that our industry is rapidly evolving. We need to look beyond the status quo to improve the patient experience in our offices and at home, and that is why I founded OrthoNu,” said Sima Yakoby Epstein, DMD, OrthoNu founder and chief executive officer. “By embracing and staying ahead of this shift, we’ll create efficiencies that will enable our practices to do more for more patients and ultimately have an even greater impact on each patient’s overall health.”

Patients in orthodontic treatment are in a constant inflammatory state with an ever-changing microbiome, making it critical to maintain comfort and oral hygiene.

OrthoNu is working with researchers, medical centers, and developers of orthodontic concepts and solutions, to ensure the OrthoNu products are scientifically driven and of the highest quality.

“We are pleased to collaborate with OrthoNu to test and validate the science that could enable better sensors, so that it can be applied to their unique line of orthodontic care products to establish oral health and potential preventive medicine biomarkers for disease states found in the mouth,” said Shu Yang PhD, Joseph Bordogna professor and chair of the department of materials science and engineering in the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. “This research will help us identify and discover new ways that the orthodontic experience can be optimized to improve patient experience, outcomes, and overall health.”

Photo via OrthoNu