The Sleep Education Consortium Conference is an educational event that explores the growing link between dentistry and sleep medicine.

The Sleep Education Consortium Conference takes place April 28-30, 2022, in Houston, Texas, and includes lectures, hands-on experience, Q&A, and panel discussions.

The conference aims to prepare dental professionals and support staff to become familiar with a multitude of sleep problems to be more responsive to patient questions about sleep disorders within their practice. 

Attendees will become educated on the broad spectrum of sleep disorders and learn about sleep-related breathing disorders. Knowledge gained will help screen for sleep disorders or provide guidance to patients who need proper medical care for sleep disturbances.

Topics at the conference include new frontiers in orthognathic surgery, combination therapy with appliances, CPAP and early intervention orthodontics.

The conference will also look at clear aligner therapy for airway management, proper impressions and bite registration techniques, integrating 3D technology, and remote patient monitoring for patient management.

Registration for the Sleep Education Consortium Conference is currently open.

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